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Find a perfect balance with Doug's Varin

Our premium line of high THCV products offer a more productive way to consume cannabis. It's uplifting and refreshing from the very first experience!

What is THCV?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin or (THCV) is a rare cannabinoid with unique effects unlike anything currently available on the market. Our Doug's Varin vape pens contain 28% THCV, the highest available on the market. Experience for yourself the cannabinoid everyone is raving about! Below are examples of THCV's immense potential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Some Commonly Asked Questions About THCV

Promotes Normal
Bone Growth

THCV is one of the rare cannabinoids that promotes normal bone cell growth. Current research is even exploring how THCV might benefit those with osteoporosis.

Supports Normal Blood Sugar

By engaging the endocannabinoid system in your body, THCV can help your body maintain balanced glycemic levels.

THCV Increases Energy

THCV is a completely different compound from THC, increasing energy and focus, without THC like effects.

THCV Engages the CB1
Receptor in Unique Ways

Unlike THC, which has a distinct and potent psychoactive effect on the user, THCV can quiet those same brain receptors -- known as CB1 receptors  -- which offers mood elevation without mental foggyness.

Suppresses Appetite,
Ends The Munchies

Some users report that Doug's Varin™ as helping them stay loyal to their diet. Say no to the munchies!

THCV is All-Natural and 100% Plant Based

California Cannabinoids™ believes in harnessing the true power of nature by offering certified full-plant extracts.


Our Doug's Varin™ whole plant extract naturally occurs in the plant has a 1:1 ratio and is very energizing and uplifting. And because it blocks the same receptors (CB1) in the brain that THC activates, it has far less of a psychoactive effect and has a much less intense, shorter high with no paranoia or anxiety. Stay focused, get a great workout or clean out your closet!


Our Relief pens are made from a whole plant extract with added CBD and has roughly a 1:1:1 THCV, THC and CBD ratio. Enjoy the uplifting effects while receiving the benefits of CBD. It is also less energetic than our Original Doug's Varin™ pen, offering a balanced relaxing experience while still getting the benefits of THCV.

Ultra High THCV and CBG prerolls Now Available

Our preroll has approximately 3% THCV 10% THC and 4% CBG, offering a synergistic blend of cannabinoids to enjoy. As the name Harmony implies, it is relaxing yet uplifting and leaves you clear headed while being moderately psychoactive.

These pre-rolls are made from a medicinal blend of our High THCV cannabis flowers. A terpene rich African Sativa that is high in THC and CBG cannabis plants. For the high THC component, we have selected the African Queen strain which is a Southern African Sativa descended from Durban Poison, Malawi Gold, and Swazi Landrace.  CBG is known to increase mental acuity and is non-psychoactive. This cannabinoid cocktail is a full spectrum experience that allows the user to maintain focus while benefiting from a higher THC to THCV ratio.

Coming January 2020


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