Are THCV products only
available in California?

At this time, yes! We know - it's lame. But we follow best practices as a cannabis company, and since we're based in California we can only serve the golden state's market. Due to conflicts between state and federal regulations, we are unable to ship products across state borders. 

Where can I buy Doug's Varin™ cannabis flower?

We do not sell the Doug’s Varin™ family of flower in the raw form at this time. Join our email list to find out where to purchase our other products.

Where can I buy Doug's Varin™ seeds?

California Cannabinoids does not sell or distribute seeds or clones.  We manufacture high quality products using the finest lab-tested ingredients to assure the quality is what you expect, every time.  We are also rapidly breeding and researching new strains high in a variety of other rare cannabinoids.

What other products are available using Doug's Varin™?

We currently have a high THCV vape pen called Doug's Varin Original™ and one to one to one THCV:CBD:THC pen called Doug's Varin Relief™. We also have a high THCV tincture coming to market for consumers who would rather intake their cannabis orally.  Keep an eye out for other high THCV products we are currently developing.

Is California Cannabinoids the exclusive owner
of Doug's Varin™?

Yes, we are the owner of Doug’s Varin™ and together with Doug we own the Trademarks and related intellectual property.  Look for our bird logo to ensure that you are purchasing genuine Doug's Varin™ THCV products.

Can I purchase THCV isolate?
I want to avoid THC.

Doug’s Varin™ is a whole plant extract of high THCV strains that contain THC at a 1:1 ratio with THCV.  As with most whole plant extracts, the effects of Doug’s Varin™ as an entourage of THCV, THC, and other cannabinoids and terpenoids. We are looking into making THCV isolate available on a retail basis, but it is currently not available.