We strive to provide products made with rare cannabinoids,

enabling consumers to access the multitude of less commonly known benefits of rare cannabinoid therapies.

Who is California Cannabinoids?

California Cannabinoids™ is a California Corporation formed in 2017, to provide the cannabis industry and consumers access to tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), a rare but popular cannabinoid known for its unique properties.

California Cannabinoids™ is the exclusive provider of Doug’s Varin™, a line of high THCV products known around the world to have  the highest concentrations of THCV.

Doug’s Varin™ was founded in 2013, by Doug, whose wife became ill with an incurable disease. A botanist and serial believer in holistic and alternative therapies, Doug set out to find a strain of cannabis that would help his wife cope with her illness. After 40,000 iterations, Doug's Varin™ was discovered.

After its discovery by Doug, many have attempted to produce a similar cannabinoid profile to harness the power of THCV, but no one has come close. In 2012, California Cannabinoids™ industry expert, serial entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO David Lampach met Doug, discussed the significance of the discovery and the two began a lasting personal and professional relationship. Today, California Cannabinoids™ is the exclusive producer and parent company of Doug’s Varin™and the company continues Doug's mission with his blessing to bring THCV to the masses for personal health.

All of the Doug’s Varin™ products are grown under full sun in Northern California and are tested for safety and potency under California BCC regulatory standards. In addition to creating its own exclusive retail products, the company licenses Doug’s Varin™ to stable, long term manufacturers who are looking to include Doug’s Varin™ in their product offerings.

The company currently has 200,000 square feet of licensed cultivation area, and is growing strains high in THCV, CBDV, CBG, and other rare cannabinoids.

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